The Winter Term 2010


First Days WT 2010


In the interest of time, we are posting these photos from today without captions.  Everyone had a good night’s sleep followed by brunch with Sunday bread, eggs & bacon, and fresh Lenk milk.  We then enjoyed a walk to and from The Farmhouse to collect our WT sweatshirts and WT backpacks.  There was much chatter en route, and the sights along the way caught attention: cows with their calves, goats, beautiful Swiss houses and barns, an active train crossing, and curious onlookers who wondered just what  this large group was doing on their rural thoroughfare.  We finished the day with a return to Chalet Hohliebi to raise the WT flag and explore town just a bit before having our first Sunday Issues class.  We discussed the philosophy of The Winter Term and the things we all will be keeping in mind over the next 12 weeks.  In short, we talked about being “our best selves”. 

I will send some further updates to the Log this week as we await the students’ own first week of log entries on Monday, January 18.  Please know that these Winter Termers are adjusting to the new time zone, getting to know their new roommates and surroundings, and learning the routines they will  be following over the coming 12 weeks.  I will look forward to keeping you all updated this week before turning the reins over to the Winter Term log writers, who will post the first week of log entries (January 9-January 16) on Monday, January 18.

Note: All students will receive a CD with all of the photos posted on this website, so there is no need for parents to download and save these pictures for record keeping.